We have been building poultry units for over 25 years and we have refined and improved our designs over the years in the light of the practical experience of hundreds of poultry keepers all over the UK and Europe. Delivered to you direct from our factory in the heart of Snowdonia and built to standards you thought were forgotten. There is no scrimping on materials on our hen huts and no short-cuts in construction. Only the best quality imported softwood is used and treatment is by the 'Tanalith' pressure system which gives a timber life expectancy in excess of 20 years without any further attention. All metal parts are galvanised for long life with minimum maintenance. Erection of units is conditional on delivery by our own transport and all prices include VAT and delivery in England and Wales Mainland. Please note that we also deliver to the whole of the UK and EEC.

Floyd on Feathers?

Keith Floyd and Chris Shutes of Gardencraft with one of Keith's Snowdon Poultry Units

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Quail, Bantams etc.
Self-contained unit for 8/10 layers
Efficient field Unit for 30/40 layers
All poultry and game birds
Most popular Unit for12/20 layers
Large Waterfowl Unit
Ark for 3/5 layers
Largest Ark for 18/25 layers
Medium Waterfowl Unit
Flexible Unit for 6/8 layers
Convenient Garden Unit for 10/15 layers
Free Range Commercial Unit 50-100

We specialise in poultry housing for educational purposes and have supplied many Local Authorities, City Farms, Universities, Agricultural Colleges, Farm Parks, Museums and Schools. We are always pleased to discuss and incorporate special needs and can offer a full site service in most cases.
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