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Juliana Gardener 12 x 16 Greenhouse

The Gardener is available in two colours, either milled aluminium or powder-coated anthracite grey. In both versions, the doors, windows and fittings are black powder-coated. This lends the greenhouses a unique character and gives them a sleek overall appearance.

The Juliana Gardener series is available in 16.2 m², 18.8 m² and 21.4 m². These models are suitable for those who need a lot of space. Whether the greenhouse is to be used for growing and planting or as a place to spend time close to nature, the Juliana Gardener fulfils every requirement.

If you glaze your Gardener greenhouse with 3 mm full-length toughened glass, then you will have a beautiful greenhouse that measures up wonderfully to the bigger and much more expensive orangeries.

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Juliana Gardener 12 x 16    ON SPECIAL OFFER - £4625.00- Was £5599.00
Polycarbonate Glazing£0.00
Anthracite grey finish to frame£1015.00 - Was £1200.00
Black Cresting£189.00 - Was £268.00
Gardener 16 Integral shelving black (One side already included free in offer)£145.00 - Was £231.00
Gardener 16 Integral staging black (One side already included free in offer)£255.00 - Was £390.00
Installation Service (See important Conditions Below)£900.00

The following accessories can be delivered with your greenhouse at very keen prices, in addition they will arrive free of any delivery charges

100lt Rainwater Collector£239.00 - Was £367.00
2 Bay Black Shelving£59.00 - Was £97.00
2 Bay Black Staging£145.00 - Was £213.00
3 Bay Black Shelving£79.00 - Was £120.00
3 Bay Black Staging£195.00 - Was £278.00
360mm Plant Shelf£59.00 - Was £96.00
760mm Plant Shelf£129.00 - Was £194.00
Auto Louvre£29.00 - Was £47.00
Autovent (Already included free in offer)£0.00 - Was £45.00
Black 8 Blade Louvre TG£69.00 - Was £125.00
Capillary Watering Box Planter£209.00 - Was £306.00
Max/Min Thermometer£12.00 - Was £22.00
Maxi Heater£49.00 - Was £80.00
Plant Rings pack 20£6.00 - Was £8.00
Plant Spirals pack 3£19.00 - Was £35.00
Plant Tie Supports pack 10£6.00 - Was £8.00
Shading Screen 12'£35.00 - Was £58.00
Shading Screen 8'£30.00 - Was £50.00
Solar Powered Irrigation System£79.00 - Was £117.00
Vanlet Irrigation Unit£69.00 - Was £105.00
Greenhouse Wire Kit (Pack 2)£30.00 - Was £46.00
Nut Caps (Pack 20)£5.00 - Was £6.00
Pot Holder£7.00 - Was £13.00
Solar Powered LED Lamp£7.00 - Was £13.00
Suspension Hooks (Pack 4)£6.00 - Was £7.00
Tablet Holder£9.00 - Was £16.00
Top Shelf£25.00 - Was £40.00
10mm Box Spanner£7.00 - Was £14.00
Fitting Accessories (Per Item, some items already included, see conditions below£30.00
Current Order : £0.00 (Incl. VAT)

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